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1. Favourite RWBY character?

ughhh this is so hard,,, probably a tie between weiss and yang ack 

2. Favourite RWBY team?

i have like 4 favorite teams:
strq, rwby, cfvy, jnpr. hh

3. Top 3 favourite songs from the RWBY soundtracks?

ok sorry, um caffeine, red like roses part 2, and bad luck charm.

4. Which Huntsmen/Huntress Academy would you attend?

well we havent seen many of the other academies so i guess beacon?

5. What would your own semblance be if you could choose one? 


6. If you could chose another character’s semblance which would you pick? 

probs glyphs or glynda's.

7. Which RWBY ship would you like to see become canon? 


8. If you could form a team with any RWBY characters who would you pick and what would your team name be?

weiss, penny, yang and nora. and uh wpyn? weapon? yeAHHHHHHHHHHHhh

9. Do you have a favorite type of Grimm? If yes, which is it?

lanCERS,, um NUCKeLAEEVE, NEVERMORE, AND GEIST?????????? imagine how cool it would be to have a geist posess a human/faunus :OO

10. Which volume and/or chapter has been your favorite so far?

volume 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
i love all of them

11. Which character’s backstory would you like to know more of in upcoming volumes?


12. Describe what your own RWBY weapon would be. Is it also a gun?

probably something like crecent rose,,

13.  If you could wield another character’s weapon which would you pick? 


14. What are three of your favorite quotes from the show?

“I don’t need help growing up! I. Drink. Milk.” 

You might be powerful, but that doesn’t make you strong.

“I am a normal meat person just like you!”

15.  What type of faunus would you be? Do you have a favourite faunus character? 

bird faunus. i want to fly.

16.  Do you have a favorite RWBY villain or nah?

maybe cinder........
unless raven counts............
and emerald.............................

17. Out of all of the professors and headmasters we have seen, who do you like the most?

Doctor Oobleck. 

18. What are your thoughts on RWBY Chibi? 

because dead characters are brought back to life.
also in rwby chibi jaune is totally gay for ren.

19. Do you have any RWBY OCs? 


20. Do you drink milk? Asking for a friend. It’s not Ruby.


so as you all know there has been a new evolution in birdie drama recently, and many people seem to hate birdie for this. but what if i told you, you have no reason to hate birdie for this? what if: birdie is innocent in this whole drama? need evidence? read.
yesterday me and two friends, did some digging through the birdie situation asking questions and scanning out possibilities on whether birdie is innocent or not.
im about to tell you the result.
it all started on the question "did birdie intend for her strawberrix account to be found?"
perhaps she wanted others to hate her after it was leaked?
did she post the "bad" things, AFTER it was leaked? if so she wouldn't be in the wrong (still kinda in the wrong) unless the whole thing was private
or she said all the bad stuff while nobody knew she was birdie, if so this would change everything.
so, we asked her some questions.
here are some:
that helps alot doesnt it?
This confirms that the whole fontik face reveal wasnt used for her plan, it was all private beforehand.
following up on the last screenshot,
now check the comments of this video until you see
they're one of the people i worked with to solve this whole drama situation
their comment will explain everything.
now im not asking you to take sides with birdie, im asking you to forgive her and stop the unnecessary hate.

doing an art raffle and the due date is when i hit 13k pageviews ;0 ill put ur number in a random number generator!! you can have whatever you like (as in art), even a pagedoll, but it has to be easily animated!!

and happy new years guys!!

the requirements are to:

1. comment and i will give you a number
2. tag two people
3. watch me!!! i always accept new watchers <33art raffle (mine) by fricklefracklev3
Honey is very insecure as to her appearance, she has always seen girls with beautiful flowy hair and when she looks at herself, she sees a plain boring pigtailed girl. this is why in my and this triagonal sign art piece, she is seen holding a mirror and shows a girl inside the mirror with brown non pigtailed hair and a nice shade of green eyes, this is based off of the copycat meme by Inukima Ice.

miss yuri bootleg aka Amy (short for amethyst) is a very giTTERY and stutteRY girl. she has anxiety. she also likes to watch harem, slice of life and fantasy animes, she tries to imitate the style of anime characters in cartoons too as seen by her cat ears headband and bows everywhere.

obsid i have changed her personaliTY VERY MUCH to fit in with honey because they r siblings. obsid is a sarcastic piece of crap but is easily intimadated so that doesnt really work, but hey, it catches people off guard due to her uwu shy school girl look and baby face. she likes delisay because she is a good.

Phoebe is a sensitive vulnerable grill, but in her past she took karate lessons so shes p good at self defense. in her school life she is constantly tormented for being bi and has mild depression. T/W: everyday after school she gives herself tiny cuts on her arm and covers them with armbands. she easilly falls in love with anyone who shows some sort of generosity to her, like honey for example, she had a huge crush on honey in the past due to her telling phoebe "its okay to be bi." after that honey never really payed attention to her but phoebe still has some feelings for her.

and im too lazy to do more
monika; my first favorite character in the game. monika truely deserved better, and its really admirable how brave monika is. she never had a route and had to deal with the pain of seeing you love other girls. monika is just, amazing. she didnt delete anyone because she would never have the heart to do it, she loved all her friends knowing they werent even real, and even when she was angry with you, she restored your game to try and let you have a good ending.  not to mention, if you delete monika's .chr file in the beginning, sayori becomes self aware and hung herself right away knowing everything in her life was fake, i imagine monika was in the same situation but she still stayed strong, and was able to solely hold on just because of your existence, knowing she never had a route herself. 

natsuki; natsuki, is the second best girl and i honestly really love her and tsunderes in general?? for some reason tsunderes always seem to be my favorite characters in games like osana and natsuki, i just, love them????

yuri; yuri, i dont really have an opinion on her? yuri was my favorite appearance wise, but her possessive personality in the second act is just annoying. shes always pulling you (unless you wrote poems for her in act 2) away from any other girl, other than that act 1 yuri was pretty chill and overall adorable. shes just neutral to me.

sayori; ehhh sayori is okay,, i dont disllke her that much anymore, ive kinda grown to ignore her annoying personality. shes cute and stuffu

 i am a part of fandom


just monika.
*inhale*  j u s t m o n i c a.

anYWAYS,,, me and yumial are hosting a huge icon collab thing?
its like where one icon will connect to an another, the average size is 100 x 100. if you wanna join the collab thing contact either me or yumial .

thanks for reading if you do

a/n : oops im in the doki doki literature club fandom
i used to be proud of my amount of watchers

but then i realized not even half of them even pay attention to my art, posts and status updates. i dont hate any of you for it but, i mean, if you’re gonna watch someone at least try to comment, fav or something??? whenever i see a new watcher all i think now is “will they even care?”. i get all of you must  be watching 300 million people but, as i said at least TRY to show you show interest in their art.for i feel as if,,, half of you are waiting for the day i become somewhat popular or something and are gonna try to,, idk  use me??? no offense but i feel like thats what SOME of your motives are, not all of you, but some.

if even half of you see this, thanks for listening to me rant. its been really eating on my nerves

jkhkhk im bo ored : (

1. salteabee
2. CandiiDrawing 

lets say a 10 year old says "tipsy"

person a: i wasnt drunk, i was sober-

person b: but they said u were acting strange

child: i think the right word is tipsy-


just tell me if you want your coding to be in the center, left or right.
tell me what decorations to use and ill see what i can do <3
i will be doing all these on my alt, justcharaxX so stop by if you wanna see progress on it.

1.) @
2.) @
3.) @
im in a watching mood.

oh no.

time to watch half a quarter of my watchers.

edit: welp im done my watching spree
i wanna make a rant on nastya but i feel like it will start up more drama

Jen Laurens looked at the shiny necklace in her hands and felt happy.
She walked over to the window and reflected on her sunny surroundings. She had always loved enchanting Columbia University with its petite, pong parks. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel happy.
Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Alex Hamilton. Alex was a short angel with thick hair and slim face.
Jen gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a gay, gay, fruit punch drinker with tall hair and chubby face. Her friends saw her as an abundant, annoying angel. Once, she had even helped a frightened peggy cross the road.
But not even a gay person who had once helped a frightened peggy cross the road, was prepared for what Alex had in store today.
The sun shone like loving dogs, making Jen lovesick.
As Jen stepped outside and Alex came closer, she could see the rare glint in her eye.
"I am here because I want Her cheerful personality," Alex bellowed, in an amazing tone. She slammed her fist against Jen's chest, with the force of 735 parrots. "I frigging hate you, Jen Laurens."
Jen looked back, even more lovesick and still fingering the shiny necklace. "Alex, i love you," she replied.
They looked at each other with lovesick feelings, like two disturbed, deadly dogs swimming at a very tall party, which had electronic music playing in the background and two outgoing uncles eating to the beat.
Jen regarded Alex's thick hair and slim face. She held out her hand. "Let's not fight," she whispered, gently.
"Hmph," pondered Alex.
"Please?" begged Jen with puppy dog eyes.
Alex looked angry, her body blushing like a black, brainy bracelet.
Then Alex came inside for a nice drink of fruit punch.

Pink wing left hello. im updating my commissions, so yeah.Pink wing right 
I have the right to decline your commission.

Green tick 2  Will draw:Green tick 2 
anthro, feral, furries, ponies, ocs, fanart, oc x canon etc.
x will not draw:x 
cars, mechanics, hate art, nsfw, fetishes, dragons etc.

Exclamation please fill out this commission form:Exclamation 

ref sheet:
comm type:
simple background or transparent?:
extra details:

original art style 1 Obsid:
sketch 10 Pink Points 
lineart 16Pink Points 
colored 25Pink Points 
full colored 31Pink Points  
ref sheet 48Pink Points 
icon 10Pink Points 
pagedoll 27Pink Points 
+1 character is 5Pink Points 
complicated designs are also 5Pink Points 

ps. my new art style have the same prices as the first one

pls buy im broke : (

please notify me if i forgot about anything i needa do for u
hey guys these ppl are going through a lot and i'd really appreciate if you supported & watch them:
Hoshi-Poshi Imtheaura pastel-winqs 
ok thank you